Thank you to the 103 voters who saw my vision! I can only hope to reach 10 times as many in the next election 2 years from now! Considering i was the “new guy” in town, managing 7% of the vote aint bad, especially when you consider i spent less than 20% of what some candidates spend. What counted was reaching out to the community and getting to know the voters. I only wish i could have presented a better candidate for hamtramck but i digress… In the mean time I ask my supporters to please direct your attention to my top 3 picks : Steve Shaya, Cathy Gordon and Bob Zwolak! In the last 2 months I have spent a lot of time around many candidates and i can say from personal experience that I know why they recieved the majority of the support at the polls; these 3 really are involved in the *whole* community and are driven to change the current opinion of our leadership base.

Congratulations to the 6 finalists, may you reap what you sow!


Midtown Meeting?

Tried to go again to the Midtown meeting but couldnt find them! i went to the church and the elementary building and nobody knew where it was! anybody know please post on here for us!


Recently i had the privilege to sit in on the East side block club and i must say i was impressed on their structure and drive.  They had an agenda and a budget just like a mini council!.    I can only hope to see more  of this in other clubs.

Well the Meet the candidates at the peoples community center was a direct hit!  9 out of 13 candidates showed, everybody answered questions, snacks were great!


If you couldnt make it, we will be getting together for coffee and doughnuts soon, I will post when as soon as i am notified!


Roger Lamm

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